Every Question Ever Asked About Roadrunner Email Issues Answered Here

Emails are the most crucial and serious medium for transferring messages and documents. They are also useful for the lightning speed of message delivery. That’s not all. Email IDs and passwords are the keys to use all of our online websites and transactions. Emails are surprisingly easy to use, but that doesn’t make them free from all the errors.

It is very natural for a commoner person not to know all the applications and terminologies of emailing. Even our customers, who have been using Roadrunner for ages, have come to us whenever they had faced any query. That compelled our experts to make a collection of those Roadrunner Frequently Asked Question for you.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Roadrunner FAQs:

  • Are there any restrictions in the email?

There are restrictions regarding the size and numbers of mails. You cannot send a mail larger than 25MB and with an attachment larger than 20MB. The daily limit of emails per day directed to per IP address is 1000.

If you go beyond the daily email limit, then your email account might be blocked for 24 hours.

  • How to set up additional email accounts?

If you have an existing email ID, you can create another one linked to it via going to the “subscriber self-care” and click on the option of “new sub-user”.

Follow the necessary steps as directed and you can create a new email ID in the same process of the older one.

  • How to change Email Password?

There are two different processes for changing the password, one is for resetting password for security issue, and the other one is to create a new password because you have forgotten the previous one.

Whatever is your case, choose the options accordingly and provide all the account details in the “password reset tool.”

  • What to do if received an error code while sending an email?

There can be different error codes for different issues caused by sending an email. Check if you have filled up all the boxes of sender’s name, recipient’s ID, subject. Make sure you provide the right and existing email IDs.

You might have crossed the limits of size or number in the emails which have blocked you from sending the particular email. There might have occurred any server error.

  • Why do I have to create a TWC ID to get email?

Roadrunner is a service provided under TWC broadband and mobile services. Therefore, the email which is a value-added service under TWC’s My Account policy needs to be accessed after getting a valid TWC ID.

  • Is incoming email scanned for viruses?

The virus filter inbuilt in Roadrunner’s system will scan your incoming emails and outgoing email attachments for every known virus. Emails that contain any form of virus will be immediately blocked from getting broadcast.

What to do for Further Guidance?

If your query is not addressed among the above Roadrunner Faq, you can also call us to get the answers for your questions personally from our experts. To reach our Roadrunner Customer Service, you can call us at our toll-free number +1 888-825-7976 or drop a text at our live chat option. We assure you that all your problems will be solved with responsibility and dedication.